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Proudly Australian Made and Australian Owned

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Lamb, Wild Tuna With Mixed Vegetables

Scientifically balanced holistic food for all growing puppies. These unique nutrient ratios ensure all requirements for brain, bone and muscle development are satisfied, allowing for the full expression of your puppies genetic potential.

Ocean Fish Dog

Wild Tuna, Lamb & Mixed Vegetables

A scientifically balanced, nutritionally dense holistic and hypoallergenic food for all dogs. Offering Microbiome support and especially useful for all dogs suffering from sensitivities, skin and digestion disorders.

Grain Free Turkey Dog

Turkey, Lamb & Mixed Vegetables

A scientifically balanced, concentrated, high profile and nutritionally dense food for canine athletes, dogs with high workload or animals that are breeding, recuperating from illness or surgery, assisting optimal microbiome support.

Kangaroo Cat

Kangaroo, Lamb &  Mixed Vegetables

Cats especially favour Wild Kangaroo, and when combined with grass fed Australian lamb, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, essential fats and oils, it makes the perfect food for cats of all ages. It also assists in microbiome support for optimal health.

Grain Free Ocean Fish Cat

Ocean Fish, Lamb & Mixed Vegetables

Freshly caught wild ocean tuna, Australian lamb with vegetables, unique nutrient ratios and high digestibility levels makes this food one of the most efficient foods for cats of all ages. It also assists in microbiome support.

Wholesome Nutritionally Dense Food Specially Formulated By Australia’s Leading Nutritionist
Holistic  |  Stress Reducing  |  Organic  |  Natural Pre-biotic  |  Omega & Nutrient Rich  |  Natural Fibre  |  Hypoallergenic Grain Free  |  No Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Fillers
No Artificial Flavours, Colours or Preservatives  |  GMO Free  |  Irradiation and Fumigation Free

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Proudly Made With Locally Sourced Ingredients In Australia By Australians

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