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Feeding Guide

Nutritional Guarantee

Performadog and iPurr are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) Dog and Cat Food Nutrient Profile for growth and maintenance. 

Feeding Guidelines and Transitioning

Feeding guidelines are only recommendations, and your pets may require more or less food depending upon temperament, age and activity levels. Your pet’s overall condition should be your guide as to whether you should increase or decrease its food intake.

To reach ideal body condition, please review food intake below to suit. Should your pet be or become overweight reduce the daily consumption to suit. To keep your pets metabolism operating efficiently, we recommend dividing the total daily amount listed in a morning and evening feed.


  • When transitioning Performadog or iPurr into your pet’s diet, please do so gradually over a ten-day period by adding 10% daily.
  • Feeding amounts may vary by breed, activity level, temperament and climate.
  • Pregnant or nursing dogs or cats may need food more than once per day.

Pets love the taste of our Ultra-Premium Food in its dry form; however, many dogs and cats also enjoy the pleasant aroma from moistened dry food. We generally feed our pets dry food soaked in warm water that has been mixed with our Purple Power Mixture (Purple carrot and pre and probiotic blend).

Feeding and Training

We come to you as dog trainers, and we use our Performadog Dry Kibble soaked in warm water mixed with our Purple Power Mixture as their rewards.

Preparation of Food

  1. Pour warm water in a food bowl.
  2. Add required amount of Purple Power blend and stir until dissolved.
  3. Add the required amount of dry food.
  4. Stir and then add additional warm water so that it just covers the food.
  5. Allow the food to sit until all liquid is absorbed.
  6. Stir so that any remaining liquid is absorbed.
  7. Feed or train your pet.
  8. If you are training your dog and wish to follow our training protocols, then please follow the following procedures.

A Training Plan That May Interest You.

  1. Separate your dog’s daily food rations into two separate feeds. We use both feeding sessions as part of our training regime. We are not asking you to feed your dog less; we are ask you to feed them strategically.
  2. Place 50% of moistened dry food into a training skirt and it use as part of the morning training. Repeat the exercise in the evening with the remaining 50% of its rations. Don’t worry the food absorbs all the fluid and it is very easy to handle. If it is too wet, simply reduce the amount of water on the next feeding.
  3. Provide all feeding/training opportunities during an eight-hour window to optimise the 16 hours fasting period. The reasons are detailed in Our Story.
  4. Should you wish to learn how to train your dog with the latest scientifically based systems, please feel free to contact us for your first lesson so that we can show you how to use our food during training and you will never need treats again.

Overweight or Under Weight?

If your pets weight is not ideal, we recommend that you feed a little less or more food that you currently do to achieve and maintain an ideal weight.

Additionally, we recommend increasing the amount of exercise it receives. Our Ultra-Premium Food is designed to provide the correct nutrients and help regulate your dog’s appetite and the need for additional food. However, many working dogs exert a tremendous amount of energy, and as such, we recommend the Turkey and Lamb Grain Free in this instance.

Is Performadog and iPurr Balanced Feeding For Everyday Use?

Yes, all of our foods meet the very best Australian standards and that of the AAFCO standards and are a complete balanced diet for everyday feeding, which means you don’t need to add extra supplements unless specifically recommended by your veterinarian.

Food Storage

Like all food products, our foods are sensitive to moisture and changes in temperature, therefore to ensure your food stays fresh, it should be stored within the bag it arrived in resealed at all times in a cool, dry place, away from heat, direct sunlight and humidity. The bag your food arrives in is specially made with a unique six layered system to prevent oxygen penetration, therefore, minimising oxidation. We recommend that once opened our foods are consumed within three months.

What Is Rotational Feeding?

Rotational feeding refers to a diet rotation that provides our companions with regular dietary changes. Rotational feeding can be as simple as changing a companions food every other bag or changing its meal to meal. How often, how quickly and how drastically to switch a dog’s or cat’s food depends on its stomach’s sensitivity to change and types of proteins. There are many different reasons to adopt a rotational feeding program, ranging from adding interest to meal times or adding nutritional variety.

Flavour Fatigue Can Be The Issue

Often, pets experience flavour fatigue from eating the same diet every day, just as we would. Rotational feeding keeps dogs and cats interested in the food and prevents flavour fatigue.

Rotational feeding also offers the novelty of new foods. This can help boost intake for picky eaters or animals with a reduced appetite. Remember that providing food that is continuously available dramatically contributes to dogs and cats becoming fussy eaters. We recommend that food be available for only 10 to 15 minutes and then removing what is left to be fed at another time, usually seven hours apart.

Should you choose the rotate your pets food, we recommend that you alternate between the Performadog Puppy, Ocean Fish and Turkey Grain Free for your dog and between iPurr Ocean Fish Grain Free and Kangaroo for your cat.


Our Nutritionally dense food is designed to be highly nutritious, provide the right texture so that it feels good in the mouth and smell fantastic. Even the kibble particle size has been taken into account so that it digests appropriately in the dog and cats digestive tract.

Palatability is essentially how much a dog or cat prefers a texture, odour and flavour of a finished product. Through palatability testing, we can measure the performance of a diet. There are many ways to measure palatability, but one industry standard is the two-bowl test that usually takes place over two or more days. This test allows us to directly compare two different recipe options to see which diet the cats or dogs prefer.

Each animal is presented with two choices. Each bowl is weighed every day to see how much of each food the animal chose to eat. The consumption ratio, first approached, and first tasted is tested to confirm a favourite.

Watch our Nutritionist discuss and answer questions on Pet Nutrition on our YouTube Channel.


Let’s start with the concept of what a treat is.

What Do We Mean By A ‘Treat’?

One sense of treat has to do with pleasures and special occasions. You might treat your mother to a pedicure, or give your dog a tasty treat. In our case, we come to you as dog breeders, and trainers with over 39 years involvement and our mindset is that we desire not only an excellent companion for our family but also a well-managed companion in the interest of public and domestic harmony.

This achievement of domestic harmony has very much to do with your dogs training.

When it comes to animal training, science strongly argues the importance of reward-based systems and what better way to train your dog than with its food as its reward. Not high-value treats but, your dog’s daily food rations. Food provides you with the possibility of multiple repetitions and did you know that it takes dogs between 80 to 120 repetitions to develop an association. In this case, it would take many weeks of repetitions before your dog developed some idea of what you want from it.

Did you know that balls trigger similar receptors in the brain as does cocaine? Training with Food helps with concentration whereby balls can interfere with learning during the teaching phase.

This is why a dog struggles to promptly do anything you ask when you have a ball in your hand, and this is why we use food instead, especially in the initial learning. We advocate using your dog’s favourite Performadog food for all training and or treating.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to use your dog’s daily food rations as part of its daily behaviour modification/training program throughout the day?

We are not asking you to feed less food; we are asking that you use your dog’s daily food rations strategically by providing rewards every time your dog does something you like. Providing ‘treats’ that are a higher value is usually done to create in interest in taking the treat. It’s like asking your dog to comply to a task when it is not motivated, and instead, you try to motivate it by using a higher reward. Similarly, it would be like asking you to work out in the gym after you have eaten a fulfilling meal.


Because you are full and satisfied you lack enthusiasm, we try to tempt you by offering you chocolate mousse to which you may reluctantly squeeze in , but it may not motivate you to work out in the gym.

A higher value reward may entice you to eat, but the reality is you are increasingly unmotivated. The body creates its defence mechanism to overeating and produces a hormone called Leptin; Leptin provides a signal to the brain that says you are full and therefore should not consume more calories.

Chocolate mousse is a higher tempting reward, just like dog treats are, you may very well eat it but it certainly won’t motivate you to work for a long duration. This is the very reason why we don’t use or sell treats; we use our pets daily food rations to motivate them, train them and while doing so nourish them. We teach them how to decipher those specific actions that they perform throughout the day that provide guaranteed opportunity to gain the reward, their daily food rations.

In this way, our pets are always motivated and don’t require treats.

Our recommendation to assist domestic harmony

Dogs That Live In The House

We suggest that you place your dog’s daily food rations into a sealed container and in a location that is easily accessed by you throughout the house. Every time your dog performs a behaviour you wished he would repeat like sitting quietly on its bed, you mark it with what is called a conditioned reinforcer like the word ‘YES’ and then proceed to reward him with a hand full of food. If you repeat this procedure every possible opportunity, you will be delighted with the results in just a few weeks, that being a very well behaved dog that exemplifies domestic harmony. If you would like to undergo formal training opportunities on how to strategically instigate this type of training systems, please feel free to contact us.

Dogs That Live Outside

We recommend that every time to interact with your dog, you wear a training skirt. This shirt should have your dog’s daily food rations readily available hidden in the pockets. Every time your dogs provide you with a behaviour, you want more of ‘mark’ it with a verbal signal ‘Yes’ and reward with a handful of food. It is important that you always have food in your skirt every time you interact with your dog regardless of whether you reward or don’t. This procedure teaches him that ‘food’ isn’t the sole motivator for behaviour and that eventually, food reward will be contingent on responding to a verbal command and not because there is food present to motivate a response. Don’t worry; we can teach you how to apply all these principles so that it serves you and your family and most importantly, your family pet.

Should you require additional information or would like to comment on any of the above, please email us at or

Watch our Nutritionist discuss and answer questions on Pet Nutrition on our YouTube Channel.

Our Guarantee

​What you choose to feed your cherished pet is one of the most important decisions you can make. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of nutritional integrity and food safety, and it’s why we make every Performadog Premium Performance bag in Australia, using some of the best manufacturing systems in the world. To assure our quality, our factory, ingredients, processes and foods meet the strictest standards, and our ingredient suppliers are approved and audited by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture.

Our Production and Quality Assurance Teams apply strict and rigorous standards

At all stages of production and preparation, we utilise both Good Manufacturing Principals — a worldwide system for the control and management of manufacturing and quality testing of foods, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Analysis (HACCP) — an internationally recognised and systematic preventive approach to food safety. Our fresh regional ingredients truly meet the AAFCO definition for ‘fresh” and standards.

Our quality management systems extend well beyond our factory going forward to our distributor partners and back to our ingredient suppliers, who we know and trust. All meat ingredients are approved by the Australia Government and produced exclusively from animals classified ‘fit for human consumption.’

Our fresh meats are produced within our region in dedicated, approved human grade facilities.

Our Promise Is Simple

To supply the very best dog and cat food, made with the highest standards to enhance health, longevity and the prevention of disease.

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