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Our Personal Story

Many of our thoughts and beliefs have already been delivered in Our Story, however, please find additional background information below.

Having been professionally involved in the breeding and training of dogs since 1980 and working with thousands of first-time dog owners, we have encountered every dysfunctional behaviour possible. Although many dogs arrive with a lack of desire to work or have an inability to maintain desire, this lack of motivation may not solely be related to genetic aptitude but can also be attributed to general health, fitness and well-being.

Our aim in this website is to provide you with holistic solutions not only to excellent nutrition but also to physical and emotional health concerning your pets.

We have always approached life creatively and innovatively with a mindset that says; “There is a better way, it is just that we haven’t discovered it yet”. This attitude and way of being have not only shaped our personal lives but all other aspects associated with it. For example, we have always felt that animal learning was way more profound than had been previously portrayed to us and that whoever we turned too had a version of the truth, their truth yet not much of it was supported by science. Much of the information was based on mirroring and merely getting a result without much thought about the animals physical and emotional well-being.

Our nature is to question why things work and equally, why they don’t. Hence the writing of the first book ‘How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog’. This book has naturally propelled us into the second and third books, How To Achieve Precision Obedience With Your Dog’ and finally a book or better put, an in-depth discussion on ‘Helping Dogs Thrive’.

As a result of our long involvement with dogs, we realised that their limitations weren’t just based on their genetic potential. Their environment had an almost equal impact as to whether they thrived. Their environment includes how they are housed, how they are emotionally cared for but most importantly, what they are being fed, impacting their nutritional intake.

Nutrition is the foundation for general well-being. It promotes how we feel, function physically and emotionally. It determines whether we get sick or remain healthy and how long we remain that way. Longevity has been a man’s never-ending quest. It’s not until we or someone we love becomes ill that we begin to question our mortality and only then do we begin to examine our health.

It turns out not many of us consider these things in our youth and only consider them when we are confronted with the realities, determined by neglect or age. This never-ending questioning of why things work and why they don’t have plagued us for a lifetime, and we believe for a good reason. Please visit Our Story, should you wish to know more. 

We hope you enjoy our website, should you have any questions stemming from your inquiry here please feel free to contact us.  You can listen to our nutritionist speak on our YouTube channel and should you have further questions for Bill; please forward them at your convenience. 

Our Guarantee

What you choose to feed your cherished pet is one of the most important decisions you can make. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of nutritional integrity and food safety, and it’s why we make every Performadog Premium Performance bag in Australia, using some of the best manufacturing systems in the world. To assure our quality, our factory, ingredients, processes and foods meet the strictest standards, and our ingredient suppliers are approved and audited.

Our Production and Quality Assurance Teams apply strict and rigorous standards.

At all stages of production and preparation, we utilise both Good Manufacturing Principals — a worldwide system for the control and management of manufacturing and quality testing of foods, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Analysis (HACCP) — an internationally recognised and systematic preventive approach to food safety. Our fresh regional ingredients truly meet the AAFCO definition for ‘fresh” and standards.

Our quality management systems extend well beyond our factory going forward to our distributor partners and back to our ingredient suppliers, who we know and trust. All meat ingredients are approved by the Australia Government and produced exclusively from animals classified ‘fit for human consumption.’

Our fresh meats are produced within our region in dedicated, approved human grade facilities.

Our Promise Is Simple

To supply the very best dog and cat food, made with the highest standards to enhance health, longevity and the prevention of disease.

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Kris & Tonia Kotsopoulos

Why We Went Purple!

They may sound like something out of Alice in Wonderland, but purple carrots are not only real, they’re being positioned as the next super-food.

A new Australian study has shown the ancient carrot variety is high in anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants.

Listen To Our Nutritionist Explain Our Entire Processes And Learn How The Nutrients Are Invaluable For Your Pet.

In an effort to educate ‘you’ our customers on the complexities of nutrition and the process by which our food is made, we have compiled an information package of approximately 40 videos that answers frequently asked questions regarding the pet food manufacturing industry, general care, feeding and well-being of your pet.

We Aim To Help You;

  • Understand canine and feline nutrition.
  • Answer questions that have been bugging you.
  • Understand why the Microbiome is so essential.
  • Ingredient ratios and why they are so important.
  • Grain and Grain Free and the differences.
  • Answer additional questions that are not on our YouTube channel.
  • Nutrient Ramping – what is it?
  • We will also have animal learning videos to help you and your pet.
  • Throughout the year will be conducting Nutrition seminars so that you can speak to the nutritionist in person. If you would be interested in attending these events, please contact us.

To Order Our Performadog and iPurr Pet Food Please Visit Our
Online Store

Our Promise Is Simple

To supply the very best dog and cat food, made with the highest standards to enhance health, longevity and the prevention of disease.

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