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Proudly Australian Made and Australian Owned

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I personally just wanted to say a big thank you to the Performadog team. I stated using Performadog when it first came onto the market for my working detection dogs. Well I can honestly say I was taken back on how much of a difference it made to my dogs. Not only to there stamina, energy levels but to there overall Heath.

Since using Performadog I have now started to train a black lab (Koda) as a medical alert detection dog for my daughter.
This is a huge ask of any dog especially when you start asking a dog to be at work 24/7.

I’m a big believe in Performadog dog and the benefits it has on a working dog. We constantly get remarks on how good Koda looks and the shine of her coat. We use less of Performadog dog compared to other dog foods but with plenty more benefits
( even our cat prefers it)

Thanks for such a great product and your on going support and assistance with Koda.

Would not hesitate to recommend Performadog dog to any dog owners

Derek Wilson – Melbourne 

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