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Tasmania Search and Rescue

As the director and handler of Tasmanian K-9 Search and Rescue it is imperative that I feed my dogs the best performance dog food as people’s lives depend on them having the energy and condition in order to deal with lengthy search periods and harsh environments in which we are deployed.

Since switching to Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog food I’ve found all my dogs have a huge increase in energy and are able to keep their peak condition in periods of intense work.

Most noticeable their muscular development, stamina and sustained periods of mental application has increased almost immediately.
Importantly also for any business is cost and in my opinion you will not find a better priced product that delivers the quality ingredients and most importantly your dogs will look healthier and perform at their peak level of performance.

I recommend Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog food to everyone and suggest you give it a try you will notice the difference immediately.

Tasmania K9 Search and Rescue

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