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Proudly Australian Made and Australian Owned

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Performadog Ultra Premium Dog Food for all dogs

We started using Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food three years ago as is what she had been fed by her breeder. Previously we were using another premium dry food for our other dogs, thinking we had found the best. We then tried Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food and noticed an almost instant change. Her coat gleamed, her stools were consistent and much smaller and her weight rarely fluctuated. We threw out 15 kg of the other brand as we’d never give that to our dogs again!

We loved the convenience of being able to feed both our puppies and adult dogs the same food, which they both thrived on.

One of our dogs had an extremely sensitive stomach, the smallest change or difference in food gave her severely runny stools, this has ceased since changing to Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food.

We love being able to support an Australian owned small business who cares about the quality of their product and their customers.

Jess Mulhall – Melbourne Australia

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