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Proudly Australian Made and Australian Owned

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I cannot express enough thank you’s and absolute amazement at how rapid Rook’s bowel movements, stools, overall happiness and ease of transition the moment he started on Performadog.

As a breed that is rare within Australia (1 in 4) it was difficult to understand the type of nutrients which were comparable to what he use to eat. I have tried all of the optimal ‘high quality’ products and have AT BEST had mild-soft bowel movements including dis-interest, poor eating habits and overall boredom. We have gone through (in various forms of the brand as well):

Homemade Raw Diet w/bones etc
Ivory Coat
Meals for Mutts
Taste of the Wild

I was absolutely cautious with Performadog initially as I have always experienced the transition to the painstakingly slow and without much improvements. However, the moment I put Rook on Performadog – this was an absolute first he has ever ‘gobbled’ (I can’t believe I have used that word correctly without exaggerating) and his stools are actually solid. I am starting to wonder how I managed 4 years of dealing with the mess.

Thank you for providing such a quality product dog food. I hate to admit but I do have a very fussy eater and Performadog has just about made me question what is currently mainstream in the market as being ‘optimal’. Thank you again for the continued passion, devotion and care in Performadog. it has only been 2 weeks but so far, Rook and myself stand by it COMPLETELY.

Thank you kindly

Margaret Basil – Melbourne

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