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Proudly Australian Made and Australian Owned

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Performadog for all dogs

I cannot rate Performadog Super premium dry dog food any higher after seeing how quick and effective it worked on my Akita and German Shepherd.

My working line black German Shepherd has been raised on Performadog from a puppy and from the get go it’s been absolutely amazing. She’s always had a consistent, healthy digestive system being on it, even when I add her raw meats and bones to it she has always been fine. It has done wonders on not just her physical appearance but also with her activity level and recovery. She has excellent muscle quality, super soft coat, very bright eyes and even the black pigment on her lips and nose is more vibrant then the norm.

My Akita was originally on another holistic Australian made premium food and when I ran out I tried her on Performadog. I expected her digestive system to be unsettled from the sudden change in dog food as would be expected, but boy was I wrong. Her stool was consistent and regular, if not better then before. If I slowly add extra raw meat or raw bones to her current diet I have no problems with her stomach feeling a bit off, the way it sometimes got on her previous brand. Her coat has remained nice and plush so far whilst on Performadog and I have certainly noticed her recovery after any exercise become quicker which is amazing.

I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of Performadog and cannot recommend it enough.

Marielle – owner of RYPT Personal Training and Loving Quality Pet-care.

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