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What a relief! 

My dogs first year without an injection for itching! After trying multiple brands of food on the market, nothing seemed to be the right fit for my dog. From very reputable high-end brands to less known brands, grain-free, sensitive skin…..the list goes on. 

I always had in the back of my mind surely these can’t be an ideal/complete diet for my dog. With the itching continuing and still no solution, we put him on an allergy diet consisting of sweet potato & horse, which was recommended by a veterinary specialist.

What a labour intensive and messy time that was! 

The itching seemed to subside, but still evident. Once again, that thought of how can I give a complete diet with no itching when I am recommended only to serve a few ingredients. 

After the thought of never being able to feed kibble again due to the previous history we had experienced, I didn’t have much faith in finding a solution until I came across Performadog. 

Performadog’s nutritional specialist spoke with me about my dog’s issues, overall dog nutrition and didn’t hide anything regarding the ingredients. 

After chatting with him and was given a transition plan from Ocean fish, limited ingredients to normal Ocean fish which had been successful for many other dogs with similar symptoms was indeed a relief. 

After completing the short trial and then committing to the plan my dog now has a diet that is full of clean ingredients and balanced in a way that I have never seen his fur shine like this before and rebounding energy levels to meet his working requirements. 

The whole process has been a blessing from the first time I picked up the phone and spoke with Performadog about my dog’s nutrition requirements, to now having no itching symptoms and a dog that’s nutrition requirements are met in every aspect. 

Thank you Performadog!

Drew Romeo

Perth Western Australia 

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