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Growing up working in a pet shop I wanted to feed my new dog only the best quality dog food. So naturally I set out and purchased one of the top of the line super premium dry dog foods from the local trusted pet supply chain. As time went on, Denzel, my young miniature fox terrier, started to increasingly develop skin irritations and would spend the most of his downtime biting and licking at his red and itching belly and especially his paws.
I went back to the pet shop multiple times asking for advice and trialed about four different super premium brands plus the sensitive skin options in each of these brands but his condition only worsened with time. The issue I found with the sensitive skin options was that, apart from the fact that they didn’t work, most of them assumed the dog had an allergy to the meat so they simply packed the product up with more fillers and as a result Denzel suffered a loss in energy levels and muscle mass.
I then considered raw feeding because I was told that this might solve my problem, but when I tried to tell my weak-stomached wife that I would have to feed him a balance of raw meat, bone and organ, well let’s just say she wasn’t going to have a bar of it. She did not like the idea of a dog fridge either, so I started looking for a product that might be even better than a super-premium, something on a whole new level.
I was absolutely blown away and so impressed to realise that the phone number I called to inquire about Performadog Premium Dry Food was in fact the personal phone number of Kris Kotsopolous, the owner of the company himself. There was nothing better than the feeling of speaking to a person who had an extensive and educated answer to my every question and had as much genuine care for my dog as I did, and this was our first phone call. After our conversation I simply had to try this product!
To my pleasant surprise, the order arrived from Melbourne to Sydney in two working days and there was no charge for delivery. The bag was of high quality, simple tear to open, with a water tight reseal to prevent any smell from escaping and the kibble spoiling over time. I quite appreciated how there was the option to buy a super small bag to try the product out on my dog, all the way up to a large bag offering better value for money, on top of the fact that for what the product appeared to offer it was already so reasonably priced.
The kibble itself is dense, looks and smells great and dogs love the taste of it. I had a lot of trouble previously getting Denzel to enjoy the taste of his dry food but he eats Performadog as if it were a liver treat. When I read the ingredients of the bag one major difference stood out to me when compared to all the other super premium brands I had tried in the past – I knew what everything in the bag was! It contained real meat, vegetables, groats, vitamins and minerals with a grain free option if need be, and that’s it.
I didn’t have to be a scientist to understand what I was feeding my dog and that was a big tick for me. There was also no longer a need to supplement Denzel’s diet with a multivitamin or anything of that sort because it was already contained within and this was the first time I had heard of a product that placed so great an emphasis on the overall support of the microbiome (gut health). A healthy digestive system plays a major role in improving a dog’s overall well being and temperament and this is something any serious dog owner would never pass on.
I was so relieved and excited when I noticed improvements in Denzel’s skin condition in the first two weeks. The redness slowly started to clear and he could sit and relax without biting and licking himself constantly and this made me so happy. His coat condition dramatically improved as well, so much so that it could be seen in photos and commented on by family and friends.
His energy levels went up, his mental alertness sharpened and he could focus for longer and learn new skills faster. His stools were firmer, super easy to clean up, consistent and smaller which is a huge plus for any dog owner. I was impressed to notice that I did not have to feed him anywhere near as much Performadog by weight when compared to previous brands. This is because it’s all quality and no filler and that helps the bank account especially for people with large or multiple dogs. Feeding a smaller portion of food achieved a higher state of alertness in Denzel because he was filling up on less, leaving him feeling lighter and more alive rather than swollen and slow with a massive food coma.
As a person who loves to be active with my dog by running him alongside my bike, allowing him to chase the flirt pole, going for jogs, hikes, long walks, fetch and lots of tug games I was stoked to see his condition hit an all-time high and see him building muscles I did not know he had. Since feeding Performadog I get so many people comment on his condition, fitness and muscle definition and that is something that means a lot to me and makes me so very proud of him.
Overall I absolutely love Performadog Premium Dry Food. I love the service and the results. On this diet Denzel is healthier, happier, fitter, faster and stronger and looks better than ever before. I cannot recommend it enough, it has changed our lives, it has made everything better!
Gerard Carrington
NSW – Australia

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