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Proudly Australian Made and Australian Owned

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Before Feeding Performadog to my dogs I was using other named brands plus freshly made up food. Since using Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog food I’ve found all my dogs have increased in energy, substance and an overall well being.

Their muscular development is extraordinary as is their stamina. They don’t need a lot of food to sustain them and i have found i am feeding far less than previously. With a 52 kg male Rottweiler and a 36 kg female American Bulldog a 20 kg bag lasts almost two months which is great value for money. Another plus is you can feed it to any sized dog and at any age, something that is seems to be a rarity these days. I don’t feed them anything else. I highly recommend Performadog to anyone. All I ask my friends to do is simply try it and so far none of them have ever gone back to their previous feed. Performadog is the way of the future.

Tony Fazzolari

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