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So many happy pets and so many proud owners, breeders and trainers have shared their experience and so can you.

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Never going back!

When my dog trainer first recommended Performadog for my yellow labrador, Nala, I must admit, I was hesitant to switch up her diet because she had such a sensitive stomach. But since starting Nala on the Ocean Fish biscuits around two years ago, she has been so healthy and full of energy! She is of a healthy weight, regularly runs 5km-7km with me (she would run further if I let her), has a great digestive system, and her coat is shiny and thick.

I cannot thank you guys enough. Your focus on nutrition has me hooked. I also love how easy it is to order online (it always arrives so quickly).
We love Performadog.

Abigail Jones-Walker

Increased drive

I have a 3 year old Malinois drive levels reasonable, however I expected way more as I was interested in dog sports.

I figured changing its diet might help so I became interested in trying this new dog food.  I contacted Kris, he allowed me to stay and see his dogs in action mine was not to that level at all! Great day!

I purchased 20Kg of Performadog. All was going well then the dog become active and enjoyed the food and so I was able to Introduce more challenges.

I am at the end of the 20 Kg bag and I have dog zooming all over the place when I need it.

What the hell happened!

Thank you Kris, I appreciate you welcoming me on the day.

Graeme Vincent

Performadog Premium Dry Food Product Review

 Growing up working in a pet shop I wanted to feed my new dog only the best quality dog food. So naturally I set out and purchased one of the top of the line super premium dry dog foods from the local trusted pet supply chain. As time went on, Denzel, my young miniature fox terrier, started to increasingly develop skin irritations and would spend the most of his downtime biting and licking at his red and itching belly and especially his paws.  I went back to the pet shop multiple times asking for advice and trialed about four different super premium brands plus the sensitive skin options in each of these brands but his condition only worsened with time. The issue I found with the sensitive skin options was that, apart from the fact that they didn’t work, most of them assumed the dog had an allergy to the meat so they simply packed the product up with more fillers and as a result Denzel suffered a loss in energy levels and muscle mass.  I then considered raw feeding because I was told that this might solve my problem, but when I tried to tell my weak-stomached wife that I would have to feed him a balance of raw meat, bone and organ, well let’s just say she wasn’t going to have a bar of it. She did not like the idea of a dog fridge either, so I started looking for a product that might be even better than a super-premium, something on a whole new level.I was absolutely blown away and so impressed to realise that the phone number I called to inquire about Performadog Premium Dry Food was in fact the personal phone number of Kris Kotsopolous, the owner of the company himself. There was nothing better than the feeling of speaking to a person who had an extensive and educated answer to my every question and had as much genuine care for my dog as I did, and this was our first phone call. After our conversation I simply had to try this product!  To my pleasant surprise, the order arrived from Melbourne to Sydney in two working days and there was no charge for delivery. The bag was of high quality, simple tear to open, with a water tight reseal to prevent any smell from escaping and the kibble spoiling over time. I quite appreciated how there was the option to buy a super small bag to try the product out on my dog, all the way up to a large bag offering better value for money, on top of the fact that for what the product appeared to offer it was already so reasonably priced.  The kibble itself is dense, looks and smells great and dogs love the taste of it. I had a lot of trouble previously getting Denzel to enjoy the taste of his dry food but he eats Performadog as if it were a liver treat. When I read the ingredients of the bag one major difference stood out to me when compared to all the other super premium brands I had tried in the past – I knew what everything in the bag was! It contained real meat, vegetables, groats, vitamins and minerals with a grain free option if need be, and that’s it.  I didn’t have to be a scientist to understand what I was feeding my dog and that was a big tick for me. There was also no longer a need to supplement Denzel’s diet with a multivitamin or anything of that sort because it was already contained within and this was the first time I had heard of a product that placed so great an emphasis on the overall support of the microbiome (gut health). A healthy digestive system plays a major role in improving a dog’s overall well being and temperament and this is something any serious dog owner would never pass on.  I was so relieved and excited when I noticed improvements in Denzel’s skin condition in the first two weeks. The redness slowly started to clear and he could sit and relax without biting and licking himself constantly and this made me so happy. His coat condition dramatically improved as well, so much so that it could be seen in photos and commented on by family and friends.  His energy levels went up, his mental alertness sharpened and he could focus for longer and learn new skills faster. His stools were firmer, super easy to clean up, consistent and smaller which is a huge plus for any dog owner. I was impressed to notice that I did not have to feed him anywhere near as much Performadog by weight when compared to previous brands. This is because it’s all quality and no filler and that helps the bank account especially for people with large or multiple dogs. Feeding a smaller portion of food achieved a higher state of alertness in Denzel because he was filling up on less, leaving him feeling lighter and more alive rather than swollen and slow with a massive food coma.  As a person who loves to be active with my dog by running him alongside my bike, allowing him to chase the flirt pole, going for jogs, hikes, long walks, fetch and lots of tug games I was stoked to see his condition hit an all-time high and see him building muscles I did not know he had. Since feeding Performadog I get so many people comment on his condition, fitness and muscle definition and that is something that means a lot to me and makes me so very proud of him.  Overall I absolutely love Performadog Premium Dry Food. I love the service and the results. On this diet Denzel is healthier, happier, fitter, faster and stronger and looks better than ever before. I cannot recommend it enough, it has changed our lives, it has made everything better!   Gerard Carrington NSW – Australia

I Tried Every Cat Food – iPurr

So after weeks of searching for the purrfect cat food I finally found it in the iPurr kangaroo!

I own a Devon rex who is allergic to chicken so finding a cat food with the right proteins for a balanced diet without the added chicken/poultry meal was becoming impossible until I randomly came across this on google and read the ingredients! My girl is now back at a healthy weight and her fur although already silky soft is even softer and she absolutely gobbles this food up!!! I 100% recommend this to anyone who has a cat breed susceptible to allergic reactions to give this a go, and it is awesome value for money!!

Thank you so much for helping my furry friend get healthy and happy again!!

Victoria Mariettakis

Performadog Has Changed My Dogs Life

What a relief! 

My dogs first year without an injection for itching! After trying multiple brands of food on the market, nothing seemed to be the right fit for my dog. From very reputable high-end brands to less known brands, grain-free, sensitive skin…..the list goes on. 

I always had in the back of my mind surely these can’t be an ideal/complete diet for my dog. With the itching continuing and still no solution, we put him on an allergy diet consisting of sweet potato & horse, which was recommended by a veterinary specialist.

What a labour intensive and messy time that was! 

The itching seemed to subside, but still evident. Once again, that thought of how can I give a complete diet with no itching when I am recommended only to serve a few ingredients. 

After the thought of never being able to feed kibble again due to the previous history we had experienced, I didn’t have much faith in finding a solution until I came across Performadog. 

Performadog’s nutritional specialist spoke with me about my dog’s issues, overall dog nutrition and didn’t hide anything regarding the ingredients. 

After chatting with him and was given a transition plan from Ocean fish, limited ingredients to normal Ocean fish which had been successful for many other dogs with similar symptoms was indeed a relief. 

After completing the short trial and then committing to the plan my dog now has a diet that is full of clean ingredients and balanced in a way that I have never seen his fur shine like this before and rebounding energy levels to meet his working requirements. 

The whole process has been a blessing from the first time I picked up the phone and spoke with Performadog about my dog’s nutrition requirements, to now having no itching symptoms and a dog that’s nutrition requirements are met in every aspect. 

Thank you Performadog!

Drew Romeo

Perth Western Australia 


So happy with Performadog Ocean Fish.  My GSD continues to thrive on this product.

Customer service is brilliant and the ordering and delivery process is super speedy.

Ordered on Friday, received on Monday….during stage 4 lockdown.  That is really quite remarkable!!

Georgia Leckie

Simply the best!

Simply the best! 
My Dobermann Caesar has been thriving on Performadog food. He has been healthy, energetic, powerful and his coat is glowing.
I was even given the opportunity to discuss the best food for Caesar’s specific requirements with Performadog’s Nutritionist Bill Wiadrowski. I was very impressed with his knowledge and his scientific expertise that is reflected in the food composition.
We have recently accomplished the highest working dog title in a competition and Performadog has been an essential part of our success.
Thank you Performadog!
Dr Michael Kern
Michael Kern

Our German Shepherd Pup and Performadog

Our German Shepherd pup and Amstaff adult are loving their Performadog. There skin is clean and clear and fur beautifully shiny and soft. They both have well balanced energy levels which makes keeping them obedient so such more effective.

We will definitely be sticking to Performadog for the long haul.

Thank you Kris and Tonia for putting so much effort in sourcing the best for our pets.

Sarah El-Hage Hassan

Sarah El-Hage Hassan

Performadog – Great product!

I was put onto this product by my GSD breeders. I use the grain free turkey and lamb and both my dogs thrive on it. My GSD looks amazing and has a lovely soft coat and my picky Kelpie x has never turned his nose up at it. I love that it is an Australian made product from dog breeders so I know its quality and not full of fillers or unknown chemicals or hazards. I also love that the online delivery is included in the price definitely makes busy life easier !

Karly Liffen

Fantastic Food

I moved my happy Labrador over to the Ocean fish with the Purple Boost Powder. Within one week, his coat was such a brilliant shiny black, he had lost some weight, without eating his poop – which he had done on weight loss management before. While he has always been an energetic, happy dog, he is calmer, more settled, happy and his energy wasn’t crazy but more focused, he is more settled, happier and just a much more dog.

Will never feed anything else.

Linda Eadweards

“Jess Mulhall”

Performadog Ultra Premium Dog Food for all dogs

We started using Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food three years ago as is what she had been fed by her breeder. Previously we were using another premium dry food for our other dogs, thinking we had found the best. We then tried Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food and noticed an almost instant change. Her coat gleamed, her stools were consistent and much smaller and her weight rarely fluctuated. We threw out 15 kg of the other brand as we’d never give that to our dogs again!

We loved the convenience of being able to feed both our puppies and adult dogs the same food, which they both thrived on.

One of our dogs had an extremely sensitive stomach, the smallest change or difference in food gave her severely runny stools, this has ceased since changing to Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food.

We love being able to support an Australian owned small business who cares about the quality of their product and their customers.

Jess Mulhall – Melbourne Australia

Jess Mulhall

“Joanne walker”

Really loving the results from my dogs after changing to Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food 🙂 their coats are looking the best they have ever looked, their over all body condition is great, and they seem to have so much more energy.

Also they just love it. I have a couple of very fussy eaters, who in the past I have found very hard to keep in good body condition simply because they wouldn’t eat enough, but no more, every bit of food is eaten and enjoyed. Plus love the fact that it can be fed to dogs of all ages. The litters I have raised have done great and have even growth. Certainly a food I will be sticking with.

Joanne walker
Shephaven kennels New Zealand

“Sarah Blackburn”

After dealing with dogs that have food allergies I changed to Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food. Since changing we have no food related skin issues. I have also used Performadog to wean my litter of puppies and it is a easy and simple to use food that can be fed for all ages and stages from Puppy – Adult, I believe it is a 5 star food and I would recommend and do recommend it to everyone.

Sarah Blackburn
Sarolta German Shepherds – New Zealand

“Lavina Jarvis”

Since changing to Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food well over a year ago have seen my dogs overall condition and well-being improve ten-fold.

The constant shedding of coats experienced has ceased and now we have gleaming, shiny coats and no dryness. Eyes are bright and clear, general health is to be commended.

My one puppy was raised onto this “great food for all age groups premium food ” and she is a very happy customer.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this amazing product “Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food”.

Lavina Jarvis – Von Hefner German Shepherd Kennels,

Dunedin, New Zealand

“Kath Stice”

In 2013 I started using a New dog food called Performadog. It had been newly imported into NZ by friends and German Shepherd enthusiasts Doug and Julz LITTLE.

I was using a Good quality dry food at the time but the price of that food was going up and the bag size going down.

Performadog hit the market in NZ. It looked to be of a very high quality, specially designed with our beloved German Shepherd Dog in mind. The magic of this food, was that it could be feed to all breeds.

I started using Performadog and raised my first litter on it at the beginning of 2014. I have not looked back.

I am still getting value for money. My dogs are reaping the benefits of a very high quality food and now my new puppy owners are benefiting as well. Because of these owners, their friends have hopped on the bandwagon and are now feeding Performadog to their dogs. The beauty of this food is that “Performadog “ fits all types of dogs… from large to small.

I’m looking forward to using Performadog for a long time to come.

Kath Stice
LaRycia Kennels
Dunedin New Zealand

“Tony Fazzolari”

Before Feeding Performadog to my dogs I was using other named brands plus freshly made up food. Since using Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog food I’ve found all my dogs have increased in energy, substance and an overall well being.

Their muscular development is extraordinary as is their stamina. They don’t need a lot of food to sustain them and i have found i am feeding far less than previously. With a 52 kg male Rottweiler and a 36 kg female American Bulldog a 20 kg bag lasts almost two months which is great value for money. Another plus is you can feed it to any sized dog and at any age, something that is seems to be a rarity these days. I don’t feed them anything else. I highly recommend Performadog to anyone. All I ask my friends to do is simply try it and so far none of them have ever gone back to their previous feed. Performadog is the way of the future.

Tony Fazzolari

“Sue Kawecki”

For all working dogs

I have been using Performadog dry dog food for my German Shepherd Dog for over two years. My dog,has been fed the food from a puppy to her adult life. She has never had any gastrointestinal problems so therefore her bowel movement has been very normal and her coat has always looked shiny and healthy.

The price is also very competitive and the food is solely made in Australia, which I think is another reason to feed Performadog to your dog.

Sue Kawecki – Melbourne Australia

“Steve De Vissar”

German Shepherd Von Forell

My wife and I recently made the move to Performadog with our boy ‘Hugo’ Since doing so we have noticed vast improvements. His coat and general condition have never been better, his stools are very consistent, energy levels are through the roof and I’m finding managing his weight is also a lot easier.

His weight no longer fluctuates like it did when I have tried other foods. We tried quite a number of expensive premium dog food brands before finding Performadog, and I can now confidently say the search is over! Try it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Steve de vissar – Melbourne

“Michael Buckland”

Performadog For all Dogs

I have been pleasantly surprised by this premium dry dog food.

I came across ‘Performadog Super Premium Dog Food’ whilst admiring Von Forell Dobermans on the website. I decided to make an inquiry as I was underwhelmed with the other premium food I had been using.

From my initial phone call, to follow up emails, the customer service received from the Performadog Team was first class.

Shipping to Brisbane was fast, (3 days from order to my door) and well-priced. After first couple months feeding my five year old German Shepherd ‘Performadog’ a few things I’ve noticed are –

Increased energy levels
Less stools and more consistent
Improved condition

I will definitely be sticking with Performadog!

Michael Buckland – Queensland Australia

“Allgemein Rottweilers”

Allgemein Rottweiler Breeders


It’s been 3 years now since we started feeding our dogs Performadog (puppies, adolescents and adults). Previous to that we had tried several commercial dry foods but finally we’re confident we’ve found a premium food that agrees with our dogs.

They are energised, maintain their condition and their stools are consistent. In recent months our 2 year old female ‘Swift’ and 3 year old male ‘Rolex’ passed their Endurance Test, which is a test of endurance run over a distance of 20 kilometers.

In preparation for their ET both dogs were prepared by our daughter Rachel over an 8 week period by following a rigorous training program coupled with Performadog and come trial day the muscle definition and stamina of both dogs was excellent. To quote our vet ‘Rolex is as muscled as a Greyhound.’

We highly recommend Performadog and continue to spread the word about its quality. Take it from us, give it a try and find out for yourself.

Allgemein Rottweilers – Melbourne

“Karis Wills”

German Shepherd in Perth Australia

As a puppy our dog has always eaten the affordable Performadog Super Dry Food and he absolutely loves it. He licks the bowl clean and hunts all the kibble that have fallen onto the floor. He just loves them!

He is a very healthy dog, who’s coat is always very shiny and soft and he has no allergies or stomach problems which of course is always a bonus.

We highly recommend Performadog Super Dry food.

This food is certainly as its states – Super Premium Dry Dog Food without the Premium prices.

Karis Wills – Perth Western Australia

“James Craig”

Tasmania Search and Rescue

As the director and handler of Tasmanian K-9 Search and Rescue it is imperative that I feed my dogs the best performance dog food as people’s lives depend on them having the energy and condition in order to deal with lengthy search periods and harsh environments in which we are deployed.

Since switching to Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog food I’ve found all my dogs have a huge increase in energy and are able to keep their peak condition in periods of intense work.

Most noticeable their muscular development, stamina and sustained periods of mental application has increased almost immediately.
Importantly also for any business is cost and in my opinion you will not find a better priced product that delivers the quality ingredients and most importantly your dogs will look healthier and perform at their peak level of performance.

I recommend Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog food to everyone and suggest you give it a try you will notice the difference immediately.

Tasmania K9 Search and Rescue

James Craig

Lisa Hampson

I started using Performadog over two years ago for my dogs and not long after the switch, from other premium dog food, I noticed a considerable change in their coat condition, muscle tone and stamina.

The great thing about Performadog is that it is compatible for all breeds, ages and its affordability so that I did not have to buy different foods for my dogs or have to substitute their food to meet their needs.

I highly recommend changing to Performadog and I haven’t looked back.

Lisa Hampson, Victoria 

“Keryn Mahoney”

Ideal for Dobermanns

I have been feeding Performadog Dry Dog Food for almost 2 years to my Dobermanns and dachshunds. They love the taste, their condition is great, coats are magnificent and on a recent visit to the vet for their annual vaccinations he noted how good the four dogs teeth were, to quote him ‘Whatever you are feeding them, keep feeding it’ . The dogs energy lasts all day whether at competitions or running around the farm. Another bonus is that it is Australian owned and made and we believe in supporting Australian companies.

I was so impressed with Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog Food that I have become the Tasmanian distributor.

Keryn Mahoney – Tasmania

“Emma Thompson”

We have been using Performadog for just over two years now. With a big dog that eats eight cups a day, the biscuits have been an absolute hit. They always go down a treat and are enjoyed by both our boys.

The smaller biscuit design is great for both our large and small dog. Being competitive in price we will always choose Performadog over any other brand, as we know it has been perfectly designed for our boys requirements. The premium selection of ingredients makes for a low allergenic product that even our most highly allergenic dog can take.

Emma Thompson – Perth Western Australia

Emma Thompson

“Michelle Lynn”

Performadog Perfect For All Dogs

My name is Michelle Lynn and I run my own business “Michelle’s Dog Behaviour and Training”. I offer a variety of services including running group and private classes around the Yarra Valley region and training and working scent detection dogs for Detector Dog’s Australia.

I also train and compete with my own sport dogs so it is vital that I feed my dogs something that not only is palatable for them but holistically beneficial for them to fuel them all day long.
I’ve been using and selling Performadog for the past 3 years and have seen great results. The feedback I get from all my clients has been fantastic. Once they start on Performadog they can’t stop. People’s dogs will even pick out the Performadog kibbles and leave the other dry food.

Dog’s coats are softer, you feed less of it than other dry food products on the market and best of all, the amount that comes out the other end is very little and rock solid! I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Michelle Lynn – Melbourne 

Michelle Lynn

“Adrian Young”

Von Forell Floyd

Recently we decided to make a switch to Performadog premium dry food after hearing very good reports about the product from friends in the dog world. I would highly recommend this premium food as my 3 dogs are loving the taste and looking great in condition and muscle tone.

They are very healthy and full of energy and vibrancy! I have found their stamina levels to be up, and general overall activity is higher than normal.

Anyone looking to get the best out of their dogs make the switch to Performadog which is purchased at a very competitive price considering it is an all Australian product using the latest technology using the best ingredients!

Adrian Young – Melbourne!

Adrian Young

“Vaughan Scott”

German Shepherd In Western Australia

After purchasing an extraordinarily high quality dog from Von Forell Kennels based in Melbourne it made sense to feed him a high quality food product.

Performadog Super Premium Dry Food is a high quality product at a very reasonable price. My dog has loads of energy and is always in excellent physical condition. I won’t hesitate in recommending Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food to all dog people owners from puppies to adults.

Vaughan Scott
Western Australia.

Vaughan Scott

“Peter Tsamtsikas”

Dobermanns in Australia

Having excitedly welcomed our Doberman puppy into our family earlier this year, we were introduced to Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog Food as a nutritional, balanced and wholesome dietary solution.

We felt confident in taking on this brand based on it’s holistic benefits, grounded in research. Noticeably, our puppy has endless energy and stamina, and we often receive compliments on his shiny coat and healthy teeth, suggesting sound nutrient absorption.

Having this product as his main dietary component since day one, it is evident through his growth thus far, ongoing usage will continue to support muscle growth and bone health. Reassuringly too, every meal is greeted with great gusto, supported by an easily indigestible texture, all available at a highly competitive price.

Our strong belief in Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog Food has been cemented in our decision to become an Adelaide distributor and we look forward to watching our puppy continue to thrive!

Peter Tsamtsikas – Adelaide 

Peter Tsamtsikas


Performadog for all dogs

I cannot rate Performadog Super premium dry dog food any higher after seeing how quick and effective it worked on my Akita and German Shepherd.

My working line black German Shepherd has been raised on Performadog from a puppy and from the get go it’s been absolutely amazing. She’s always had a consistent, healthy digestive system being on it, even when I add her raw meats and bones to it she has always been fine. It has done wonders on not just her physical appearance but also with her activity level and recovery. She has excellent muscle quality, super soft coat, very bright eyes and even the black pigment on her lips and nose is more vibrant then the norm.

My Akita was originally on another holistic Australian made premium food and when I ran out I tried her on Performadog. I expected her digestive system to be unsettled from the sudden change in dog food as would be expected, but boy was I wrong. Her stool was consistent and regular, if not better then before. If I slowly add extra raw meat or raw bones to her current diet I have no problems with her stomach feeling a bit off, the way it sometimes got on her previous brand. Her coat has remained nice and plush so far whilst on Performadog and I have certainly noticed her recovery after any exercise become quicker which is amazing.

I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of Performadog and cannot recommend it enough.

Marielle – owner of RYPT Personal Training and Loving Quality Pet-care.


“Margaret Basil”

I cannot express enough thank you’s and absolute amazement at how rapid Rook’s bowel movements, stools, overall happiness and ease of transition the moment he started on Performadog.

As a breed that is rare within Australia (1 in 4) it was difficult to understand the type of nutrients which were comparable to what he use to eat. I have tried all of the optimal ‘high quality’ products and have AT BEST had mild-soft bowel movements including dis-interest, poor eating habits and overall boredom. We have gone through (in various forms of the brand as well):

Homemade Raw Diet w/bones etc
Ivory Coat
Meals for Mutts
Taste of the Wild

I was absolutely cautious with Performadog initially as I have always experienced the transition to the painstakingly slow and without much improvements. However, the moment I put Rook on Performadog – this was an absolute first he has ever ‘gobbled’ (I can’t believe I have used that word correctly without exaggerating) and his stools are actually solid. I am starting to wonder how I managed 4 years of dealing with the mess.

Thank you for providing such a quality product dog food. I hate to admit but I do have a very fussy eater and Performadog has just about made me question what is currently mainstream in the market as being ‘optimal’. Thank you again for the continued passion, devotion and care in Performadog. it has only been 2 weeks but so far, Rook and myself stand by it COMPLETELY.

Thank you kindly

Margaret Basil – Melbourne

Margaret Basil

“Derek Wilson”

I personally just wanted to say a big thank you to the Performadog team. I stated using Performadog when it first came onto the market for my working detection dogs. Well I can honestly say I was taken back on how much of a difference it made to my dogs. Not only to there stamina, energy levels but to there overall Heath.

Since using Performadog I have now started to train a black lab (Koda) as a medical alert detection dog for my daughter.
This is a huge ask of any dog especially when you start asking a dog to be at work 24/7.

I’m a big believe in Performadog dog and the benefits it has on a working dog. We constantly get remarks on how good Koda looks and the shine of her coat. We use less of Performadog dog compared to other dog foods but with plenty more benefits
( even our cat prefers it)

Thanks for such a great product and your on going support and assistance with Koda.

Would not hesitate to recommend Performadog dog to any dog owners

Derek Wilson – Melbourne 

Derek Wilson

“Peter Gifford”

Our Dobermann has been reared on Performadog and absolutely loves it. He is healthy, full of energy and his coat is in excellent condition as his general condition. Thank you for a quality product that is Australian Made and Owned, I would definitely recommend Performadog Premium Dry Dog Food to everyone that owns a dog puppy to adult and any breed.

Peter Gifford – Latrobe Valley Australia

Peter Gifford

Cossette Doward

Performadog Dry Dog Food For All Dogs

Finally, a complete food that gives my dogs plenty of energy to last the day, and keeps them lean and competition fit. Thank you, Performadog Premium Foods for a fantastic affordable food that both my dogs love.

Cossette Doward Sydney Australia

Cossette Doward

“Lisa Wright”

Performadog Ultra Premium Dry Dog Food for Puppies

I have fed my Doberman, Lulu, solely on ‘Performadog dry dog food’ since the age of 7 weeks. Lulu has consistently gained one kilogram a week since I have owned her. Her coat is shiny, teeth are healthy and she is the perfect height and weight for her age. I would highly recommend feeding your dog Performadog dry dog food.

Lisa Wright – Melbourne

Lisa Wright

“Crystal Smart”

We have been feeding our dogs Performadog Super Premium Dry Food since its’ inception, and we couldn’t be happier. Our Von Forell Doberman has maintained fantastic condition whilst being fed the product; her coat is consistently healthy, her muscle-mass has increased as expected, along with a previous digestive concern being resolved by the product.

Our Rough Collie, who at 10 years old, has also shown significant improvement in aesthetics, along with displaying more physical ability after suffering from arthritis for years. We love the product and can’t wait to see it explode onto the market.

Crystal Smart


Crystal Smart

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