The Famous C-60 Rat Experiment

Imagine If We Could Do This For Our Pets?

It Increased Their Lifespan By 90%. – The Original Study That Inspired Global Excitement About The Use of Carbon 60 Olive Oil.

In the ‘famous rat study’ they dosed 10-month-old rats daily for 7 days, then weekly until the end of the second month, and then monthly until the end of the seventh month, after which all dosage stopped.

There were 3 groups of rats one group was fed water, another olive oil and the third group Carbon 60 olive oil and to their surprise, instead of causing illness, disease or early death, the rats fed Carbon 60 olive oil actually lived longer than the other groups of rats. After three years, all of the water-treated rats had passed, matching up with the typical life-expectancy of a rat of around 2.5 to 3 years. The olive-oil-only rats lived, on average, 18% longer than the control (water-only) rats, while the Carbon 60 olive oil treated rats lived 90% longer than the water-only rats. Some of the C60-dosed rats lived for as long as 4.5 years, and anecdotal accounts from the researchers suggest that the last rats were finally put down after 6 years so that the research could eventually be published.

The researchers proposed that the primary way that the carbon 60 was having its effect was through the reduction of oxidative stress. In other words, the carbon 60 was somehow acting as a powerful antioxidant and reducing the effects of ageing.

To make sure that their results were valid, the researchers also treated another group of rats with carbon tetrachloride (CCI4), which is usually quite toxic to rats.

The control rats showed the usual toxic response, with their symptoms lasting around 24 hours, but the Carbon 60 olive oil treated rats only showed these symptoms for approximately 5 hours. They also examined the livers of all of their rat groups and found that the carbon 60 protected the rats’ livers from damage.

So not only did the researchers establish that Carbon 60 was not toxic to mammals, they found that it protected the body – and the liver – from damage, and significantly extended their lifespan.

The researchers also wondered whether longer-term dosing could have produced an even greater lifespan extension in the rats, which would be a fascinating area for further study.

Carbon 60 appears to be an agent for change, and seems to effect individuals differently.

Here are some of the reported benefits and important points to know.

  • Diamonds, charcoal and graphite are allotropes of carbon
  • Carbon 60 is made up of 60 carbon atoms and is an allotrope of Carbon on the periodic chart
  • Carbon is the back bone of life
  • Carbon 60 has a unique ability to donate electrons, that share electrons with another molecule
  • The molecule size is incredibly small and therefore an an ability to float around the boy and donate electrons to free radicals and toxins
  • These toxins and free radicals are missing an electron and therefore loose their positive function. Carbon 60 donates an electron and therefore puts the negative particles back on track
  • This stops the elements from inhibiting your body therefore get out of the way and removing the road blocks
  • Carbon 60 has the capacity to act as a superior antioxidant and free radical scavenger because it is so small
  • Carbon 60 in absorbed into the body within three minutes
  • Carbon 60 provides electrons to molecules that need it to perform their designated function
  • Absorption is excellent due to it molecular size
  • 172 times stronger than Vitamin C
  • Promotes mental clarity
  • Allows the body to function at a optimum level
  • Removes free radicals and allows the body to heal itself
  • Feel more energy
  • Clarity of mind
  • Increased stamina
  • Super antioxidant and no side effects
  • Muscle strength and pain
  • Helps with oxidation

Understanding the Rat Study

The Scientist who discovered C60

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